In Their Words

Here’s what our clients say

Carel Van Graan
Chief Operations Officer
Global Village
  • Jim is a saviour. We call on him when we have a client struggling to formulate his copy for the INNOVATE® books. What we love about Jim is not only that he normally manages to capture the essence of the clients' business on the first go, but also that he does this without us having to "manage" him. We pass the client to Jim and in a few days we get a well-written story, approved by the client. It's really simple - Our clients are very happy working with Jim, so we are very happy working with Jim.
Bryan Speece
Creative Director
Murage Apparel
  • I’ve witnessed Jim display an inquisitive nature during an interview and watched as he drills down until he reaches the heart of the matter to ensure he understands the topic being discussed. I was very proud of the content he created for the website despite limited experience within the fashion industry. His willingness to learn and his way with words really brought the content to life.
Glen Edwards
Contemporary Publishing Group East
  • If you get the chance to work with Jim, don't hesitate, just do it. I've worked with Jim for many years and he’s a master of the English language. He goes above and beyond to ensure client satisfaction and, most impressive to me, he always delivers within the expected time frame. Jim is a true communications professional who religiously maintains contact during a work project. It’s refreshing to work with someone who actually returns your calls. You will be rewarded beyond expectation when you work with Jim.
Brian Hess
The ENVISION Group, Inc.
  • Jim is a detail-oriented and thorough professional whose in-depth knowledge of writing styles helps ensure that the job is delivered on time. He’s responsive and proficient at taking your needs and turning them into deliverables.